Eldane Nijat, REALTOR®

Eldane Nijat has been in Vancouver for over 15 years where she studied psychology and Real Estate at UBC. She has been in the customer service industry for over 12 years now, making it second nature for her to serve clients with the level of professionalism they should expect. With her trilingual abilities, Eldane can comfortably assist you in English, Chinese Mandarin and Uyghuric Turkish.

Her love for real estate began at a young age when she would always go online and look at different homes already showing interest in interior design as well as current market conditions. Eldane remains passionate about market research and believes in continuous studies to ensure she is always knowledgeable about the latest real estate trends and updates.

To Eldane Nijat, real estate isn’t just about buying and selling but about making your home ownership journey a pleasant, smooth and fun experience! Her motto is to treat all her clients like family members and ensures her role as an agent is filled with care, empathy and love.